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Welcome... to the website of the Middle Tennnessee Chapter of the American Culinary Federation. The American Culinary Foundation is the largest professional organization of culinarians in America, has been enhancing and furthering food service careers for more than seven decades. Through its Educational Institute, professional chef certification is possible, as is thorough training of culinary and pastry apprentices to meet a growing need for trained personnel in the industry. The ACF is the voice in the industr2y, representing more than 20,000 chefs nationwide.
The Culinaire Newsletter Headlines Winter 2005 /2006
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  • January 2006 Chapter Awards Banquet at Union Station
    Host: Chef Tom Windorfer CEC AAC

  • February 20, 2006 Chapter Meeting: Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel
    Host: Chef Elaine Taubin
    Mission Statement
  • We are committed to the advancement of future culinarians as well as constantly striving to educate ourselves through our monthly meetings and self-education.
  • To encourage all culinarian members to become certified through the American Culinary Federation.
  • To provide the tools and support needed to obtain certification.
  • To support apprenticeship within our city.
  • To foster a strong feeling of brotherhood and fellowship amongst all our members making everyone feel welcome.
  • To welcome any guests to our organization as well as to encourage all opinions and input from our membership.
  • To network with all members through communication, meetings, newsletters and association gatherings.
  • To support the local community through charities, chef and child and all other opportunities that present themselves to us.
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