It was a brilliant beautiful day - what a great day for a yardsale. Well almost.

This was our first year for what Willie Jemison hopes will be an annual fundraiser for Childhood Hunger.
What wasn't really taken into account was that this day was the running of the Music City Marathon,
which has become an international event. Additionally, the Marathon ran right in front of Centerstone
on its route around the city, so all the streets were barracaded and getting to our yard sale was a
jigsaw puzzle beyond reckoning. Well a few made it, and we raised about $230.00 for the cause.

Cudos for Elaine Parker, Anna Lia Hicks Notardonato, Nancy Campbell and a host of Willies friends
for the herculean effort of gathering, pricing, selling and finally taking the leftovers to Salvation Army.

Great amount of credit goes to the Chair Willie Jemison for all the effort and energy he put into this
event. As he says, this was our first year and we learned a lot about what it takes to have a yard sale.

For all our members- start setting aside equipment, appliances and cookbooks for next years sale - this
idea could be a big one, worthy of our dedicated efforts.